We’re taking a completely new approach to pet healthcare.

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By becoming an Animor club member, you’ll have easy access to everything your pet needs to stay happy and healthy, for one all-inclusive monthly membership.

There’s no hidden charges, exclusions or excesses if you’re a member, it's covered.


But we don’t only give your pet the very best of medical treatment whenever they need it.

Animor Vitality membership also includes health assessments, vaccinations, preventative care. It can also include grooming, training, dental treatment and whole lot more besides.

The best care, from the best people

We’ve got a team of dedicated professionals to keep our members pets happy and healthy. They’re based in a network of local Pet Healthcare Centres, and a fleet of mobile clinics, which means we’re never far away.

Healthy pets = Healthy rewards

We work with our members to keep their pets happy & healthy not just when they’re unwell, and we reward our Members when their pets health does improve.